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This is a website that provides in-depth information about your favorite music: genre, lyrics, vocalists, arrangements, etc. We provide a broad analysis of all types of music from elemental to complex that can be useful for all levels of interest, from music producers who wish to discover patterns of successful hit records, to the casual music lover who wants more information about their favorite song. This is a unique website that provides all-dimensional information about songs. You can view lyric content, compare song components, tempos, chord and key reproduction, as well as have the capability to download midi drum files.

In response to the increased demand for superior quality in music production and education, we have created Now, creative and administrative types alike can access an extensive and valuable database of information that will enhance and broaden their musical experience and assist in serious music Industry pursuits. Our audience consists of music producers, songwriters, composers, music lovers, and students of all ages. We endeavor to provide you with THE music production device of the 21st Century that will enable you to develop and hone your music comprehension, realize your dreams, or carry on the lasting legacy of the musical art form. Utilizing our state of the art musical database you will be able to identify the fundamental elements that create hit songs.

We invite you to participate in our music blogs, create a new blog or comment on an existing one. We hope you will find our references useful, whether you are a music producer, music historian, or a music lover..... you definitely need SongChemistry.

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