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Each week will present the top 10 songs in the nation. By utilizing our system, you will be able to thoroughly inspect these 10 songs and distinguish how these techniques can impact your own productions, songwriting, and mixing sessions. You'll discover arrangements, song keys, drum sounds, instruments, samples, and background vocalists. You'll find chart information divided by the most important parts of the songs, interacting multimedia, and graphical information. Afterwards you'll be able to examine those 10 songs in comparison to one another and analyze their specific areas of use.

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#1 Song In The Country

  • Happy - Pharrell Williams

    Musically, "Happy" is a neo soul and funk song that Williams sings in a falsetto singing tone His vocal style has been compared to Curtis Mayfield.

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Featured Artist

  • George Michael

  • George Michael

    George Michael was the biggest British pop star of the 1980s, spinning...

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Song analysis example

    SMS Audio STREET by 50

Song Challenge

  • Which song is better?

    So Emotional - Whitney Houston

    Emotions - Mariah Carey

Music quote of the day

  • I write music with an exclamation point

    Richard Wagner

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